The NIT app has been launched this week, right in time to welcome the new intake of Class 14 students. The app brings together many campus services in one easy place. It will enable students to access a timetable of their lectures, tutorials and seminars for the day, keep up to date with NIT events, as well as provide the latest NIT news, posts and videos.

All devices

All devices

Students will also be able to find and keep track of the NIT social media profiles. It will be a one stop shop for University life.

NIT App developer, Sebastian Rösch, 26, of NIT Class 13, talked about where the ideas for the app came from. Sebastian, who is halfway through with the double degree program at NIT, said: “I just thought back to my early student days, about what kind of features and services I would have found useful. It’s been a great challenge to work out how to do it on a professional level. Feedback to help shaping the new tool is most welcome as it is intended to develop and connect it even further.“

The app is designed to let people keep track of the most important things, such as their lectures, but also make sure they don’t miss the social events. Dr. Christoph Jermann, NIT’s CEO said: “Sebastian has come up with a great idea with the NIT App, and he has executed it very well. I’m sure all our students will find it very useful. More and more of our students have smart phones and it makes sense that they can access the NIT services also through their device.”

The NIT app is now available for iPhone, Microsoft and Android devices.





NIT App for Windows 8

NIT App for Windows 8

NIT App for iPhone

NIT App for iPhone



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