Almost 80% of the German population are interested in home automation. But only 2% actually have home automation systems at home. We at brightup tried to overcome the most common reasons for this: price, complexity and unsexy products.

A lot of the complexity can be reduced by putting some effort into the user interface of the apps. With several studies, we worked with customers to identify how they use their lights at home and where your light automation system can improve it. There are moments when people expect light quality, for example when watching TV, and others, when they just need quick illumination. The challenge is to provide both with one system.

Some screens of the brightup App

Some screens of the brightup App

brightup came up with a concept of enabling both: fast access to lights when needed and configuration of the light quality when there is more time available. This is manifested in the automation behaviors, which are pre-defined, and can be activated by the user. There are no complicated rule and no need to have programming skills.


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