Even though this year’s CeBIT did not reveal too many innovative products as previous fairs, probably because CES and MWC just happened recently, there were some interesting ideas and concepts to be seen.

Especially in the area of home automation, there were some interesting developments that will improve the technology in the near future or are available already now.

For example, the guys from Flatout offer what they call a “Smart Home as a Service”, which is an online platform for Smart Homes independent of hardware and communication protocols. But also home automation devices have improved a lot and integrate better into people’s living rooms than ever before.

Gigaset Elements

Gigaset Elements

Gigaset presented a home security system called Elements which consists of several devices for monitoring the user’s house. Their presentation is fresh and user-focused with a nicely designed interface.

Startups at CODE_n

Startups at CODE_n

The highlight of the recent years was the CODE_n startup hall, with this year’s focus being Big Data and Datability. Some of the ideas made good use of the tons of data we’re creating to analyze it and improve the way business is made and cities are run.

This year proved that even very traditional, technology-focused companies are starting to take a step towards user-friendliness and design.



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